Nishant Gangadharan

Writer. Director. And a restless creative soul. For over 13 years I worked at some of the best network agencies creating advertising campaigns for national and international brands. And I loved every moment of it. Till one day, on a client’s insistence I directed a commercial I had written. That's when I discovered this beautiful new world. A world from which I didn't ever want to leave. There is no greater feeling than seeing an idea through from conception to final film, and knowing that your creation has the potential to affect and influence the viewer’s life in many different ways.

As a director I take great pride in making films that can capture peoples imagination and their attention. And over the years I have been refining my unique style and striving to bring stories to life in a compelling and inspiring way. I am a firm believer that great work can be born only out of great partnerships and I look forward to collaborating and creating exciting new work with you soon. Cheers!