Pintu Mishra, Executive Producer

When Pintu Mishra set out of Allahabad almost fifteen years ago, he didn't have the slightest of idea that one day he would be sitting on the Producer's chair and delegating work to an unit of 100+ people. And it all happened to him so soon because not only is he a courageous dreamer but also the most hard working and focussed person on any set.

Over the years, he has garnered impeccable management skills to facilitate the most organised and detailed pre-production to hand over to the Director the shooting floor without any compromise for him to prosper. And then follow it up with the latest technology in terms of post production support and work. He is such a people's person and it is due to his various connections that he is famous for delivering any product, however complicated or time consuming, within the stipulated time frame and without any compromise on quality.

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Divyesh Thakkar, Producer

Producer, Team Balancer, Number Prestidigitator. Divyesh Thakkar is the brain executing multiple projects with utmost peace, maintaining the serenity at Colonial Films even in the most chaotic of the situations. He started his career with one of the leading advertising production houses some 17 years back. It has been a roller coaster ride for Divyesh since then. Working with various directors, producers and production houses and spending a large amount of time with them has helped him grow as a producer over the years. When it comes to challenges in terms of budgets or stringent time, Divyesh is the man to go to. In such situations Divyesh just frowns looking into his laptop screen and wham, he comes up with a master plan to execute the most difficult projects. He not only makes working experience pleasant but also develops a bond with the team.

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